Yong Green Food is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant based in Fitzroy, Melbourne. We specialise in raw, organic, vegan, gluten free, and biodynamic food and drinks.

We use organic ingredients wherever possible, subject to seasonal and market constraints, and we work with accredited organic suppliers to bring you the freshest and best ingredients.

We have built this business with the intention of creating a better world where every living being is respected.

We believe we are here on earth to live in harmony with nature and that there is enough food for everyone if we consciously choose what we eat.

This philosophy is embodied in the food we serve at Yong – delicious food that nourishes and satisfies without sacrificing other lives.

Our wholesome food not only gives the essential energy we need to sustain our body, it also serves as a means to connect us with nature. Without this connection, we cannot be whole either.

At Yong, we serve predominantly organic vegetarian food prepared according to ying and yang principles and using eco-friendly methods as much as possible.

We are so grateful for being able to live our dream.

Thank you for supporting our vision for a better world.

You make this possible.

Our commitment to a low-carbon future

Through Community Climate Chest, we have purchased 8.7 MWh of accredited GreenPower to be supplied to the national electricity grid to replace the energy we draw.

We have also acquired 0.21 tonnes of carbon credits from certified abatement projects.

This reduces our greenhouse emissions by 11.95 tCO2-e for the 12 months to March 2015.

Supporting farmer-managed natural regeneration in Kenya

We donate 10% of our profits to help support farmer-managed natural regeneration in East Africa.

The project is a partnership between World Vision Australia and AusAID to help increase food security and decrease climate vulnerability in smallholder farming systems in Kenya by improving soil and natural resource management.