Best coworking spaces in Sydney

The coworking spaces in Sydney are an excellent way for business owners to save money and work with other entrepreneurs. The idea behind coworking is that you can share space, equipment, and ideas with others who may be working on similar projects. Coworking spaces in Sydney provide a space for entrepreneurs and business owners to come together and collaborate. The following are some of the best coworking spaces in Sydney;


  1. The Assembly Rooms

The Assembly Room is one of the best coworking spaces in Sydney CBD, with easy public transport and parking access. Its open-plan setup is fantastic for the open-minded freelancer, consultant, or entrepreneur with access to great meeting rooms, excellent coffee, awesome people & excellent clientele. Founders include Katie Hillier & Vivien Chong


  1. Shark Pit

Shark pit is a coworking space with great natural light, couches & bar stools in the heart of Darlinghurst. It’s got an excellent lounge room feel with coffee, tea, and snacks all day long – plus super comfy sofas to relax on when you need it. It is also among the best coworking spaces in Sydney. There are also two meeting rooms available to book, excellent wifi and super friendly people. 


  1. Goodgod Small Club

Goodgod is a coworking space that’s good for the creative freelancer or entrepreneur, with access to affordable hot desks in an excellent location with great amenities, including printing & meeting rooms. It’s had some fantastic events happen there too – plus the considerable street art on the walls is pretty cool.


  1. Click Inkspot

Click Inkspot is a coworking space with great wifi & access to printing, and it’s also got an extensive amount of meeting rooms and very affordable rates for hotdesks or dedicated desks – plus a good location in Chippendale that’s right near public transport.

  1. The Greenhouse Hub

The greenhouse is a coworking space with the main focus on environmental sustainability. It’s got great rates, super friendly people and an excellent location in Redfern – it’s straightforward to access public transport from there too, which is always suitable for those who like to get out & about. There are also some great meeting rooms where you can book a desk.


  1. Coandco

Co&Co is a coworking space that focuses on community – focusing on collaboration and networking opportunities, plus a good location in Newtown – it’s perfect for the creative freelancer or entrepreneur to get their work done. It’s also got some great amenities including couches, good coffee & meeting rooms. Coandco is among the preferred coworking spaces in Sydney.


  1. The Commons

The commons is a coworking space focusing on collaboration and community building for freelancers & entrepreneurs in Sydney CBD. There are great amenities like printing, food (lunch every day), WIFI, access to dedicated desks, or hotdesking available too. The building has a rooftop area, events space & meeting rooms too.


  1. Rhizome9

Rhizome9 is among the coworking spaces in Sydney with great community values and an excellent setup for creative freelancers or entrepreneurs. The people are super friendly, the location in Barangaroo is perfect, and there’s also a big focus on sustainability – with many events to network at. There are some great meeting rooms for collaboration there too.



JUSTCO is one of the best coworking spaces in Sydney where all of its members work with social impact as their core motive. All of the actions the members take within the community promote positive transformation, whether it’s through empowering entrepreneurs through skills development or improving corporate responsibility standards. In addition to these benefits, JUSTCO also provides each member with free legal advice from a panel of leading lawyers.



Office space is expensive, so coworking spaces are an excellent option for people who work remotely. The shared office environment of a coworking space provides the perfect balance between privacy and connectivity with other professionals.