Why you might want to get a Dental Surgery

Written by: Wilson_Shellie


Our health is a top priority, whether it’s in the form of eating healthy, staying active, or going to the dentist. But what do you say when your teeth are so damaged by decay that they can’t be saved? What if you’re suffering from something like a tumor in your gum that’s not just painful but life-threatening?


Fortunately, dental surgery has advanced to the point where these problems can be fixed and long-term health can be restored. Surgery is always a last resort, but that’s why we at Walloon Dental Surgery are here to help you make the best decision for your health. So, why would you want to get dental surgery?


  1. Keep Your Mouth Healthy

The main reason you would want to get dental surgery would be to keep your mouth healthy. All surgeries carry certain risks, but even though it’s extreme, the benefits will help ensure your health doesn’t suffer any more than necessary. If you’re suffering from severe gum disease that’s causing you pain, preventing you from chewing or swallowing properly, and making breathing more difficult, then getting surgery could save your life and make eating easier.


  1. Restore Your Oral Health

If you’ve lost teeth due to decay or trauma, then you’ll want to consider dental implants. Implants are artificial teeth that are attached to the jaw via a metal rod and provide a strong base for healthy, natural-looking teeth. You won’t need dentures anymore, which can also help save your natural teeth from decay.


  1. Prevent a Life-Threatening Condition

If you’re suffering from a condition that’s life-threatening or chronic, then visiting a surgeon who can perform dental surgery may be your only hope to save yourself. A tumor in your gums would bleed out and kill you if it’s not removed. If there are blood vessels wrapped around your teeth that are inflamed or infected, then you could suffer from loss of circulation and die of heart disease. Advanced gum disease can interfere with your breathing, which can lead to suffocation.


  1. Attach Natural Teeth to Your Jaw

Tooth loss is a huge factor in oral health. As adults, we’re able to replace any lost teeth with dentures and bonding. But if you’ve had too many teeth extracted or your jaw hasn’t fully healed, then you may want the option of dental implants to help restore your oral health.


  1. Teeth Cleaning Procedure

While dental surgeries will help you save your oral health, it’s also important to keep your mouth clean. There are times when we need to see a dentist for deep cleaning, but if you’re in the midst of serious dental surgery, then this may not be possible. So, we can offer you full-mouth cleaning during dental surgery if that’s what you need. This is not routine and is only recommended when necessary.


Give us a call or visit our Facebook page to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists. We can evaluate your oral health and recommend the best course of action. No matter what you need, we’re here to help you have healthy, natural-looking teeth and a great smile.